Administrator Reset of User Notification Preferences

Users are in full control of their notification preferences and determine what format and frequency notifications from the Intranet are sent to them.

Users can change these preferences at any time.

In situations where issues are being investigated or as a one-off control, there is a reset facility that application administrators of Communication can use to update the notification preferences of all users or just specific users/roles/groups.

Situations where a reset is required will be infrequent, this guide explains how to perform a reset if one is needed.


The Reset Facility

1. Only application administrators of Communication can access the reset facility from Admin > Communication > Reset


The screen given is the same options as shown in the preferences area apart from the user picker, which is how you tell the system which users you want to change the settings for.


2. Enter a user/role/group into the box


3. Go down the list of options and change these to what you want the entered user/role/group preferences to be.

If you want every application to use the new default you have set, each needs to be updated to 'use default'.

For any that is fine to remain as that user's original selection, 'no change' can be used.


4. Work down to the end of the screen and once you are happy click 'submit' to apply.


5. Upon saving, the included users preferences will have updated to the choices you made, and the reason the changes were needed can now be investigated/tested.

(Users can change their preferences again at any time from the in system messenger settings)


 - Best practice tip

Each company and organisation's needs are different.

Most applications will suit email notifications only, but it is possible to have these appear in system too.

This is why the real control over preferences is given to the end user and not administrators, as very personal choices based on how they work are being made.

We would encourage Intranet management teams to explain to their user bases how the notifications work so they can make informed decisions on how to set up their preferences to match their work style and only ever perform resets if support issues are being investigated.


Created on 19 June 2024 by Hannah Door

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