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This user guide is for anyone on Claromentis 8.2+ 


This user guide will take you through setting up your notification preferences in the most effective way for you. 

The following information is outlined in the video above.

How to configure your notification settings

You can easily go to your notification settings by clicking on the settings cog from your inbox summary list:


From here, you can choose the default notification for any of the applications to follow. In other words, the 'Use default' option will correspond to the above default settings.


These are three notification methods to select from.

  • In-System notification: System will display a notification list with the click of the bell icon.

  • Push notification (on mobile): Please click here for more information on how to configure push notifications.
  • Email notification: Emails will be sent to the email address that has been specified within the user’s profile.


You can also choose how long your messages are kept by default which ranges from 1 week up to 1 year or never deleted.


If you want to customise your notification preference for each application, you can do so by choosing the 'Custom' option.


If you look at the two examples below, InfoCapture emails, which may need your approval, are set up as an email notification and to be sent instantly & never deleted.

On the other hand, Knowledge base is set for an in-system notification and can be deleted.

Learning is simply set to follow the default notification method.


Lastly, you can decide how often notifications are triggered by selecting the following options:

  • Send instantly: Notifications will be immediately triggered when needed.
  • Daily Digest: Notifications will be pooled daily and sent as a digest email.
  • Weekly Digest: Notifications will be pooled weekly and sent as a digest email. 
  • Monthly Digest: Notifications will be pooled monthly and sent as a digest email.

Reminder: It is useful to set things up how you would like them early on to ensure nothing important is missed and you're not frequently bothered by generic notifications.


Last modified on 30 November 2023 by Hannah Door

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