Creating a News Article

In this article, we will cover how to set up a news article in the News application.

With the correct permissions that have been configured from the admin side of the News application, you will see an option to create a new article.

To find out more about the front-end, make sure to read our News: Front-end Overview.


News permissions

All news permissions are assigned per News channel via Admin > News.

To create a news article, you will need to be granted permission to View & Edit articles within a News channel.

Please note: If you do not see the option to add a News article, please check with your administrator that you have the permissions to do so.

For an overview of news permissions, check out our guide on News permissions.


Creating an article

1. Head to Application > News.


2. Select + Add news to create a news article.

Reminder:  If you can't see this option, ask your system administrator who can set you up with permissions.


3. Fill in the fields required for your news article and add your news content.

  • Channel: Select the News channel the news article will be posted in
  • Language: Select the main/default language for the article
  • Title: The main title that will appear in your article
  • Tag: Add tags to enable search via the tag cloud
  • Image: Add an image for your news article
  • Summary: A short body of text that will be seen in the news component or the preview of your article
  • Content: The main body of your article
  • Link: Place a URL that will link your article to a different news source
  • Comments: Choose to enable or disable other users from commenting on your article

Please note: Only the News channel you have permission to add to will be presented for you to select from.

To create your news article in multiple languages, check out our guide on Multilingual news article.


4. (Optional) Add Metadata to your news article.

Before publishing your new article, you can navigate to the Metadata tab to add metadata to the article. This allows you to provide more context and/or information, if necessary.

For additional information on News metadata, check out our Metadata overview.


5. (Optional) Configure Additional Options such as setting future Publish dates.

  • Publish date: Set a time & date for when the article should be automatically published
  • Delete after: Set a time & date for when the article should be automatically deleted
  • Stick it until: Set a time & date for how long the news article should be pinned to the top of the channel landing page.
  • Send notification to all users with view rights: Select the option to send a notification to users with view rights to the channel.



News notifications

News notifications will be generated if any of the below options are enabled upon news creation.

The notification method will be based on the personal notification preferences of each user.

For more information on Notification settings, check out our guide on Notification Preferences


  • New article published with send a notification to all with view rights option enabled

Before publishing a news article, the author can choose to send out a notification to all users with view rights to the channel. This option will generate a notification to users when the article is published and/or edited.

Reminder: A news author will not be notified about the publication of their own news articles.


💡Tip: When in the editing stages, make sure to Save as Draft. This will save the article as a draft and ensure no notifications are generated even if the 'send a notification' option is enabled.


  •  News channel subscription

The Subscribe feature allows users to follow and keep up-to-date with any news channels they have permission to. A notification will be generated to a news subscriber any time a new article is published in the channel.

Reminder: A news subscriber will be notified of news articles within the channel they are subscribed to regardless of the 'send a notification' option. It is also not possible to subscribe or unsubscribe users to channels on their behalf.


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