Creating a news article

This article will cover how to set up a news article in the News application.

For more information on news channels & templates, click here.


Creating an article

Head to Application > News.

Based on your permissions you will see the + Add news button.

Reminder:  If you can't see this button, ask your system administrator who can set you up with permissions.


From here, you will have a variety of fields to fill in:

  • Channel: You can select the channel this article will be posted in. (Please note: This will only show channels you have permissions to)
  • Language: You can select the main/default language for this article. For more information on adding/editing language options, click here
  • Title: The main title that will appear in your article.
  • Tag: You can add tags to enable search via the tag cloud.
  • Image: You can add an image for your news article.
  • Summary: A short body of text that will be seen in the news component or the preview of your article.
  • Content: The main body of your article.
  • Link: This will allow you to place an URL that will link your article to a different news source.
  • Comments: You can choose to enable or disable other users from commenting on your article.


Before publishing your new article, you can navigate to the Metadata tab where you can add metadata to the article providing more information, if necessary.


In the Additional options tab, future dates can be set for the article to be published and deleted.


Please note: By checking the below option, users will get a notification, regardless of them being subscribed or not, if they have permission to view the article.

For more information on the Subscribe feature, click here.


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Created on 1 February 2018 by Michael Hassman

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