News: Creating an Article


This user guide is for anyone on Claromentis 8.2+ 



This video will cover how to set up a new article in the news application, including the type of content included and the channel the article will display in.


1. Head to the News application, if you have the correct permissions, there will be a plus sign at the top right of the application. This will allow you to create a new article 

2. Upon creating an article you will have a variety of fields to fill in. 

3. You can select the channel this article will be posted in, the language that you intend the article to be written in and tage to enable search via the tag cloud

4. The abstract is your initial news paragraph, this will be seen in the news component or the preview in the news application. 

5. You have three options of content to choose from: Text, allowing you to write a more indepth article. Link, placing a url at the bottom of the abstract linking to a different news source and none, when the abstract is enough infomration and there is no need to link to another site

6. You can choose to enable or disable comments on your article if required.

7. The Metadata tab will allow you to add metadata to the article provding more information if necessary

8. The Additional Options tab allows you to set specific dates for the article including being able to post the article in the future, delete the article at a certain date and stick the article to the topof the news feed for a certain amount of time

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Created on 31 January 2018 by Michael Hassman

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