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This short video guide explains how to add/edit language versions of the same article using the News application in Claromentis. The same principle can be applied in our Knowledge Base application.

The below steps are outlined in the video above.

Creating news articles in several languages

1. You can start by creating a news article:

2. This will take you to a page where you can set the main/default language for the article (in this case English) by clicking the box to view a list of available languages:

3. Now you can fill in the rest of the (above) information for your article, and click 'Submit News'.

For more information on how to create news articles, click here

4. Once you have created a piece of news, you can add more languages by clicking on the 'Edit' button:

5. From here, click the Language drop-down to select the language you wish to create and click 'Add'.


6. The title and content of the news from the main language will then be copied to represent a new language (i.e. French version). From here, you can now begin manually translating its content.

Please note: Adding a language does not automatically translate the contents of your article. This will be done manually by the author/editor.

7. Once published, users can switch the language of the article by clicking any of the 'Flag' icons:

You can continue to add more lanugages as needed.

Please note: you can also change the default language of your news article by simply clicking on 'options' then 'Set as default'.


Reminder: Depending on the user's language settings, for instance, "French," a news article in "French" (if available) will be displayed by default to the user with an option to switch to other languages. 


Last modified on 2 February 2021 by Mhairi Hutton
Created on 25 January 2021 by Gili Dailes

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