News Permissions

In the News application, Permissions are linked to News channels.

You can assign permissions by the news channel that will allow you to direct news articles to specific users.

This is a good tool to use if you have departmental articles that aren't suited to all users. This enables each user's intranet to be more personal to themselves.

The admin side & news permissions 

News permission can only be viewed & managed by a News application admin.

    For more information on how to assign application administrators, head to our article here.


    1. Navigate to Admin > News > Channels & Templates.


    2. Select the key (permissions) icon located next to the News channel to edit the permissions.

    Reminder: Permissions are assigned to News channels, not individual news articles.


    3. Add the appropriate User, Role, and/or Group and assign the permission options.

    • View: Users can view articles in the channel.
    • Add and Edit: Users can add and/or edit existing articles in the channel.
    • Publish: Users can publish articles and make them live straight away.
    • Approve others: Users can edit and interact with other users submitted articles, approving them to make them live.

    Please note: An approval process can be set up using the permissions options. This feature allows users to submit articles for approval before publication. Setting up an approval process on channels is optional.


    For more information on News approval process, check out our guide on How to set up news approval process.

    For additional information on New channels, check out our guide on News channels and templates.


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