News Channels and Templates

With the News application, a News application administrator can create different news channels that will help organise your intranet news by categories and allow users to easily find certain article topics.

We will cover the following topics:

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To find out more about the admin side of the News application, make sure to read our News: Admin overview.

News channels & permissions

To access the admin panel of the News application and Channels & Template area, you will need to be granted permission as an application administrator.

With the correct permissions, you can do the following:

  • Allocate permissions enabling you to direct users to the correct articles.
  • Delete channels and re-assign existing articles to a different channel.
  • Use the template feature to create a basic template for all articles inside of a channel allowing you to set a structure of how all articles should be created.

For more information on how to assign application administrators, head to our article here.

Creating a channel

A news channel can be created by any News application admin.

1. Head to Applications > News and select Channels & Templates.


2. The section will present a list of all existing News Channels.

Create a new channel by clicking + Add News Channel.


3. You will then be presented with the option to name the channel.

Enter the name of the news channel and click Submit.


4. You can then set the permissions for the news channel that will affect all articles created within the channel.

Assign permissions by adding the relevant User, Role, and/or Group.

  • View: Users can view articles in the channel.
  • Add and Edit: Users can add and/or edit existing articles in the channel.
  • Publish: Users can publish articles and make them live straight away.
  • Approve others: Users can edit and interact with other users' submitted articles, approving them to make them live.

To implement a News approval process, check out our guide on How to set up news approval process.


5. Select Apply permissions.

The new channel will be created and can be managed from the admin panel.



Editing a channel

Any existing news channel can be edited by a News application admin.

1. Change the name of an existing channel by editing it in the text box it is located inside.


2. Select the key (permissions) icon for the News channel you wish to edit.



Deleting a channel

Any existing news channel can be deleted by a News application admin.

1. Check the box next to the channel you wish to delete.


2. Select Delete selected.


3. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

Click OK to confirm.


4. Upon deleting the news channel, you will have the option to move all the articles within the channel to a different channel OR delete both the news channel and the nested articles.


5. Select Delete to finalise the deletion.

Please note: Deleting a News channel will remove the channel completely and cannot be restored once deleted.



Creating a template

A news (content) template can be created per news channel by a News application admin.

1. Select the pencil (edit) icon for the News channel you wish to apply a template to.


2. Use the text field to write up your template.

This is a useful feature if you wish to provide a guideline on how the articles in the new channel should be constructed.


3. Select Save template.

You can also preview the template before saving any changes.


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