Discover Goes Public...


We are delighted to announce that Discover is now publicly available. Please read on...

Until now, you have been given a limited number of user accounts, allowing your Administrators to submit support tickets and change requests. Over time, we have built up a vast Knowledge Base, which the whole team is contributing to. The Knowledge Base has tonnes of useful information about Claromentis, how-to guides, tips and tricks for using the software and general intranet advice. Some of you have requested that their general users be given access to Discover in order to view the Knowledge Base and also download user guides. Well, you asked, and we’ve delivered! From today, all users can access Discover.

Support ticketschange requests and upgrade requests are not available publically and therefore Administrators will still need to login to access these.

In case you didn’t already know, Discover, is built using the Claromentis software. Next week, I will be posting the first of a 3-part series of blogs describing how you can implement a Help Desk using Claromentis. Subscribe to our blog here!




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