Recalculating holiday statistics

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  1. About holiday planner user statistics
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1. About holiday planner user statistics

Within holiday planner there is a tool that allows the administrators to recalculate the holiday statistics for users of the intranet. This tool can be useful in re-jogging the system after changes to a users holiday to ensure that their holiday statistics are correct.

Holiday statistics are found here, if the numbers seem incorect or are miscalculating, its a good idea to recalculate them:


2- How to recalculate user statistics

Holiday planner administrators have access to this feature. If you do not have these permissions you can contact a user who does. These can be found by clicking on Applications > Admin > Holiday Planner > Pressing the key in the corner:


If you have permissions you will need to navigate to Admin > Holiday planner and select 'Recalculate user statistics'


It is recommended to recalculate the user statistics for each year either side of the current year. This ensures any annual carryover days are included in the recalculation and any holidays for the following year are correctly allocated.

You will need to enter the users name here in the box and recalculate for the current year, previous year and next year. This should correct any miscalculations in that particular users statistics.

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