How to unblock users account


After several attempts, user access may be temporarily blocked (Frozen/Locked) by the system as a security measure. Here is a typical error message:

You have entered an incorrect username and/or password 3 times. Please contact your Claromentis administrator to unblock your account.

Users with access to People Admin Panel can then unblock this account if necessary and here is how.


Step 1: Navigate to Admin > People Admin Panel


Step 2 Expand the search. 

under Account state selects the following:

1. Frozen/Locked to see a list of temporarily blocked account due to incorrect login attempts.

2. Blocked to see a list of users that their account has been blocked manually (due to leaving the company or other reasons)


Step 3 Uncheck "Unlock now" to allow the user to try log-in again.

or Change the account state to "Enabled" if the user's account is blocked manually



Step 4: Reset Password if needed.

Alternatively, you can reset the user's password from this screen with a new temporary password.

As a best practice go to "Other settings" and check

"User must change the password on next login" allowing users to choose their own password after next log-in.







Created on 20 February 2019 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 21 February 2019

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