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Localisation is a feature that allows custom language to be used across the intranet to suit your preference, for headings or descriptions etc.  This can help give your intranet a personal feel suited to your organisation. You can make changes to any language registered in the system not just the default of English. 

How to access localisation

Navigate to Applications > Admin > System. This should take you to this page, where you will need to select the 'Localisation' option:

Here you will see 3 windows:

1 - Edit localisation:

You can scroll through here and find the application you would like to amend the language for. If you can't find the application it may be stored in the Core Apps selection at the top.

2 - Your changes

If you click any of the applications here it will only show you the elements you have changes. If you click applications here before making any changes it will appear empty.

3 - Original

This stores a record of the original language/terminology in case you would like to revert things back.

Editing localisation

First find the application you would like to change the terminology for. In this example we may want to change the name of 'Holiday' to 'Vacation' this information is stored in the Holidays application. When the application is selected the following window opens:

If we use the search bar at the top to look for all cases where 'Holiday' is used we are provided with a list:

To change something on the list go to the language column you would like to change and select the item:

Type in the change you would like to see and hit save at the bottom. You will get a change confirmation at the top of the window.

If you then visit the page you made the change to on the front end you will see the new wording (Note: if you cannot see an updated change it may be that you need to clear your cache. To do this head to Applications > Admin > System > Labs > Delete all caches.


Created on 30 July 2019 by Millie Hand. Last modified on 14 October 2019

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