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The length and strength of passwords on your site as well as the amount of incorrect attempts users get before their account is frozen is set by an administrator and explained here.

A user can reset their password themselves using the 'forgot your password link on the log-in page as outlined here.

Additionally, a sysadmin of People can reset a user's password from Admin > People, however, we would always recommend asking the user to attempt to reset this themselves via the login page first, as this allows the user to set their own password straight away.

If you are a sysadmin that needs to reset a user password, follow the steps below.

 - Head to Admin > People

Search for the user in question and click on their profile.


Please note: depending on your password policy you may need to use the advanced search function to look specifically for 'frozen/locked' accounts if the timeframe for an account to be locked has not passed (shown below).


- On the user profile

As an administrator, you can manually reset the user's password or generate a random one. In both cases an email with the new credentials can be sent to the user.

There is also an option to ensure the user is prompted to set their own password upon login.


So when resetting a users password:

1. Manually/randomly enter a new password.

2. Select the email option.

3. Enter the 'other settings' tab to ensure the prompt is selected.

4. Click 'update' to save this and the email to the user will be generated.

The steps are demonstrated in the videos below.


Manually reset password


Generate random password


The user's experience

Any password reset will result in an email being sent to the associated email address with the user account.

The user can enter the credentials given in the email to log in successfully.

If the prompt option was selected, the user will set their own password after login with the email credentials.

They will not be able to navigate around the Intranet until a new password is reset.


Manually reset password email


Generate random password


Prompt given upon next user login


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