Creating a Folder

How to create folders in the DMS (Document Management System)


Creating folders within the DMS allows you to have a hierarchical structure on which permissions can be applied. Administrators can create/remove folders from the Document Control Panel in the back end. If users have the required permissions, they can also manipulate folders from the front end using the Documents application.


Creating folders in the back end - Document Control Panel

Go to Applications > Admin > Documents.

  • Click on Manage Document List as highlighted in Image 1.

Image 1 - The "Manage documents list" button will be on the right hand side of the screen


You will be presented with the screen shown in Image 2. This outlines the folder structure as it currently stands.

  • The folder location you are within will determine where the new folder will be added.
    • So if you are within the Root folder, the new folder will be added to the Root level, whereas if you are within an existing folder you will be creating a subfolder.
    • You will need to have the appropriate permissions to add a folder at Root level (see "Folder Permissions" user guide for more information).
  • In this example a new sub folder will be created within the existing "Discussions' folder.
  • When you are at your desired level click "New Folder" on the right hand side.

Image 2 - Root menu screen. Folders and sub folders as well as the files within them are displayed.


You will now see the screen shown in Image 3.

  • Fill in the New Folder properties.
    • Enter a name for your new folder.
    • In the description field, enter a short explanation of the contents of the folder.
      • Checking the Inherit box means that the description will be pulled from the parent folder. (This option is not available if you are adding a folder to the Root level.)
      • Also, the permissions set for this folder will be inherited from the parent folder.
      • The “Documents text is searchable” option means that the folder will be indexed to enable users to search for it. By default this is switched on, with the “Inherit from parent (on)” option selected. Changing this option to "Off" will mean that the folder content will not be searchable.
  • With all details complete click New Folder.
  • Once created, you will receive a confirmation message that the folder was successfully added.

Image 3 - New folder properties screen


You will be returned to the folder structure once you have added your new folder.

  • You should be able to see your creation now listed in the hierarchy.

Image 4 - The new folder is shown within the chosen location; the "Discussions" folder


Creating folders in the front end - Documents application

Adding folders in the front end of the Documents application is a very similar process to the back end.

  • Go to Applications > Documents.
  • Navigate to the folder you wish to add a folder to, and click Add Folder.
    • In this example a new folder will be made within the existing "Drop Zone" folder

Image 5 - Naming the new folder


  • A pop-up will appear where you can simply enter the name of the folder, and click Add Folder.
  • Clicking "Extended Edit "will take you to a page where you can enter further details about the new folder, which is very similar to the page within the Documents Control Panel shown in Image 3 above.
  • Enter the relevant details, and click New Folder.
  • The "Demo Folder" has been created and is now visible in the "Drop Zone" folder. A shown in Image 6

Image 6 - Newly created "Demo Folder" displayed inside the "Drop Zone" folder

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