Custom mobile apps and Apple's iOS 15 release

Public News | 29 September 2021 by Hannah Door mobile


With the release of iOS 15, Apple has strengthened the security of the platform.

Among the improvements, iOS 15 requires an updated code signature format. 

The good news is that this improvement does not require any changes from developers distributing their apps through the App Store or TestFlight because App Store Connect will re-sign the app.


However we distribute our custom mobile apps mostly through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program, so whilst the generic free Claromentis apps available in the public AppStore are automatically converted, this is not the case with Enterprise Application distribution and each user must update their app to ensure compatibility with iOS15.


If your company has an existing MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution, these changes can be pushed through your MDM solution by asking your IT team to download the source of *.ipa file by selecting the appropriate app from{appname} and push the update to your organisation.


Using our free mobile app?

You don't need to do anything as the iOS 15 update should not cause any issues to your experience :)


Using a custom mobile app and encountered an issue related to iOS 15?

Please submit a support ticket and the team can assist you





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