Claromentis Online Drop-in Session - 28th April

Public News | 23 April 2015 by drop-in session, training, webinars


Do you have any how-to Claromentis questions? Would you like to know a little more about an application you've been working with? Please see full article for more info...


Our next online drop-in session will run on Tuesday 28th April, at 15:00 BST and we'll be there to answer any training/how-to questions you might have.  

To join the session please click here or email

To help us help you as much as we can please include any questions or areas you might want to talk about in your email.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


And don't forget we post a recording of each session up on YouTube, so to recieve regular notifications of our Youtube happenings you can click here to subscribe to our channel.






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