Editing Email Notification Templates

Notification templates use twig formatting, so any drastic changes by sysadmins must adhere to these rules.

Slight modifications to the template wording likely won't need any twig logic applied, however, for any major changes you wish to apply follow the formatting detailed here 


A sysadmin can update notification templates

1. Navigate to Applications > Admin > System:


2. Open the Localisation tab


3. In this area terminology used across the site can be edited. For more information, see our guide on Localisation.

To edit notification templates specifically, click on the button shown below:


4. Next, locate where the notification template you want to edit is stored and select the language to edit in.

💡 Tip: Some templates for applications are stored under System so check here too


5. The next screen will list the template for every action in that application that triggers a notification.

If an action is not listed, no notification is associated with it.


6. Click on the action you want to edit to open it and make changes. Click on Save to apply.

Changes will appear in notifications generated going forward.



Email templates

For anything bracketed the system pulls information from the action triggering the notification.

The subject line of the notification will use the first line of text in the template.

So to change the subject, move the template down a line and add your own text into the first position.


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