News Notifications

We will provide an overview of all available News notifications.

Notifications are attached to News permissions, so users will only receive notifications if they can interact with articles and the channels they are in.

Templates for each language can be viewed and edited from Admin > System > Localisation > Edit templates > System.

Notification not sending?

Remember: The type of notification received by users e.g. email, in-system, none etc will depend on their preferences as outlined here.

If a notification is not evident, check the recipient's preferences are correct to receive this how they would expect first.

What notifications can News send and who will receive these?

- Basic notifications

This notification will be sent when a New article:

- is published and the 'Send notification to all users with view rights' option was selected


- is published and users are subscribed to the channel

- is edited and the 'Send notification to all users with view rights' option remains selected

- is edited and users are subscribed to the channel


In either case, the recipients will be users with 'view' rights to the channel the article is in, or they are subscribed to the channel.

Using twig logic the template is able to show the correct phrasing based on the action and situation being met.

So avoid making large changes to this template, unless your team can make edits in line with twig logic.



This notification will fire when a comment is added to a News article and the recipient will be the creator of the article.



- News approval process specific notifications


This will fire when a user with only the ability to submit drafts for approval does so and the recipients will be all users with the 'Approve others' permission.



This will fire when an article submitted for approval has been either approved or rejected,  the recipients will be the user who submitted the article for approval.



This will fire when an article submitted for approval is edited (by any user with permission to) and the recipients will be users with permission to 'Approve' others.



This notification will fire when a user with 'approve others' permission deletes an article submitted for approval.

The recipient will be the owner of the article who sent it for approval. 


- Defunct


This is a legacy template that no longer fires as its functionality has been removed from the product.

In future versions, this will be removed from the list.


Created on 18 October 2023 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 1 December 2023

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