Changing email notification templates

The ability to amend your own email notification templates was introduced in version 8.7+

If you are on an older version of Claromentis you could either upgrade to use this feature, or alternatively we can change these templates on your behalf. This work would need to be scheduled and therefore needs to be submitted as a change request here.

System notification templates use twig formatting, so any drastic changes made must adhere to these rules.
Slight modifications to the wording of the template likely won't need any twig logic applied, however for changes beyond this more information on how to follow the formatting is here.

Updating your email templates

To do this you will need to have System Admin rights. To find out if you have these, or who you can speak to to change these on your behalf, simply navigate to Applications > Admin and click the key symbol on the right of the System app: 

Once you are in system admin, you will need to navigate the the Localisation tab. Here is where you can change the terminology used by the site. For more information, please see this article.

Along the bottom here, you will see various customisation options, you will need to select 'Edit notification templates'. 

This opens the following window where you will need to locate where the email notification is stored. Its likely to be in the 'Core apps' section if you are unable to find it listed as a heading. 

You can select the language option you would like to change which will then bring you to this section. Here you can browse the various templates and select the one you would like to change: 


The templates will look similar to the below, anything bracketed will pull in direct information from the specific action causing the notificiation. 

Press save to ensure your changes are reflected. 

When you test the notification, you may realise you also want to change the subject line. The subject line of the email is simply the first line of text in the template. If you are not happy with the current one, simply move that section of the tempate donw and add in your own as the first line. 

Last modified on 10 March 2021 by Hannah Door
Created on 20 October 2019 by Millie Hand

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