Third Party Integrations

What do you need to achieve with the integration?

Depending on the external provider you are hoping to use with Claromentis, it's possible this will not work out of the box, or that some features will not be transferable.

Certain aspects may be achievable using the embed component in Claromentis to showcase the information from your third-party provider so it is worth checking if they offer embed codes for you to use and fulfil part or all of your purpose.

However, it is not always possible to show embedded content on the Intranet as the decision to allow embedding is at the discretion of the third-party owner. Unfortunately, this isn't something Claromentis can work around.


Request your proposed integration be investigated

If there is a third-party tool you would like to integrate with Claromentis (beyond embedding) it is likely custom work will need to be developed to support it.

Raise a Change request ticket outlining your requirements and our designated team can discuss this further with you.


Integrations already available:

Single Sign On (SSO)


Active Directory

Microsoft OneDrive

Skype Button

Google Maps, Drive & Document Picker

Eventbrite Calendar

Internet Calendars



Created on 5 October 2023 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 6 October 2023

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