Implementing Chatbot

What is a Chatbot?

You may have heard of chatbots as there has been explosive growth in their popularity. In the form of a small window in various websites and services they allow you to have real-time chat with either AI-driven behaviour or an actual human.

These would need to be managed and maintained by yourself with your chatbot provider, our intergration will allow the chatbot to sit on top of your intranet pages.


What are some of the popular Chatbot?

These are some Chatbot providers that you can easily integrate with Claromentis:


Olark's starter package at $17/month/agent allow some basic customisation, Olark lets you set up customised attention grabbers to increase the visibility of the chat window. It's easy enough to integrate by simply adding javascript code into Script tag in Admin panel.


Intercom offers a comprehansive platform that is much more than Chatbot. It offers various packages to suit your needs with wide arrays of integration options. Pricing starts from $38/month.


Basic package start at $16/month/agent that includes some ticketing system. You can create customised greetings based on the various pre-defined scenario. It offers 14 days free trial.

Landbot offers a unique way to create behaviour-based chat automated flow based on the user's answer. It offers drag and drop interface to design your conversation funnel. It offers a free tier limited to 100 chats/month.


Crisp is free for personal websites and anyone who wants a basic chat to communicate with visitors, pro account starts from £25/month offer free live chat integration with Claromentis, It's is very easy to setup by simply cut and paste javascript code and There is no chatbot workflow builder or automated feature.


How do I integrate the chatbot with Claromentis?


Step 1: Sign in to the Chatbot Provider

Select Chatbot provider you wish to use and register an account


Step 2: Copy Widget Code

Once you have registered and configure the site, you will be getting Widget Code similar to this below. Select the widget code and copy them.


Step 3: Paste the code to Claromentis

Navigate to Admin > System > Scripts

Note: This third-party script feature in admin panel is available from Claromentis 8.7+

Paste the code into Inside <head> tag fields.

Warning! You may have an existing code inside the field, for instance, Google Analytics code. Do not paste over it, instead add them to the line below.

Click Save


Step 4: Test the interaction

Depending on how you configure them, you should now see chat icons on every page (typically at the bottom right)


Created on 22 July 2019 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 24 September 2019

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