Document Preview

Navigating to a document on the front end of the application will load a preview.

There is a configuration option in Admin > Documents > General Configuration that affects whether a preview will be opened when a document is clicked or if it will download the file instead.

If this is set to download the preview will not be seen, so it's worth checking how your site has this set.


The document preview itself is generated by the browser being used so there are slight display differences between them, but the core functionality is the same.

Users can see the document as it is and scroll through this if there are multiple pages as well as zoom in and out or download the file using the controls given:


The metadata that appears alongside the preview is custom configured.

Your administrators can set up those most relevant to your needs and ensure they appear next to the preview to provide more information about your files:


A preview can only be generated for file types that are supported, check what these are here.

If your file type is supported by the preview not being generated or is showing an error, please let us know in a support ticket so we can assist you.


Created on 11 May 2022 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 November 2023

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