Training Records Overview

Training Records are the historical record of all your training achievments within the Claromentis LMS.

Everytime you complete a Learning Path, Course, Quiz or Event, this item will appear within the training records section of the LMS in chronological order. Here is an example:


With the correct permissions, you can enable managers to view a subordinates training records for appraisals and to measure staff progress within the learning platform.

The permissions can also be expanded upon to allow for users to view the training records of all users or team mates. This permissions is very useful in particular for the HR team who may be focused on the learning and development of all users.


In addition to listing all completed training records a user (provided they have permissions) can create unique training records to be added directly into the training record list, this allows users to add external training records to showcase additional learning not directly tied to the LMS syllabus, allowing for users to show progression outside of the businesses required learning material. These training records can also be used to complete steps of the syllabus using qualification codes.

Last modified on 29 June 2020 by Millie Hand
Created on 1 June 2020 by Michael Hassman

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