Document preview: Supported file types

Introduced in Claromentis version 7.0, the document preview feature allows users to view the contents of common file types directly in the browser.

Documents are converted to PDF's using Open Office. They are then converted from PDF's to SWF's using PDF to SWF converter. Essentially, the Open Office converter is not able to convert all features which are available in extended file formats (e.g. docx, xlsx). Some files which are more complex are simply not converted 100% accurately. In such cases, previews of documents may look different to the original.

Supported file types are listed below:

bmp Bit map picture
csv Comma-separated variables
doc Pre 2007 MS Word document
docx Post 2007 MS Word document
docm, dotm, dotx MS Word Documents with macros and template *
gif Graphical interchange format
jpg Joint photographic group
odp Open document presentation (OpenOffice)
ods Open document spreadsheet (OpenOffice)
odt Open document text document (OpenOffice)
pdf Portable document format
png Portable network graphics
ppt Pre MS PowerPoint 2007 presentation
pptx Post MS PowerPoint 2007 presentation
ppsm, pptm MS PowerPoint with macros and template *
rtf Rich text format
sxc StarOffice Calc spreadsheet
sxi StarOffice Impress presentation
txt Text file
wpd WordPerfect document
xls Pre MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet
xlsx Post MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet
xlsm xltm MS Excel with macros and template *

*) Added in Claromentis  8.9.18+,  8.10.12+,  8.11.2+

Created on 16 February 2013 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 30 April 2021

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