Social Feed component requires Facebook app review

Please note: since the introduction of the embed component we would encourage you to use this for your Social feeds. Please see links at the bottom of this article. 



As of August 2019 Facebook have changed their policy in regard to the API being used to display embedded feeds.

If your site is using the social feed component, this will now give an error and a URL that leads to the offical Facebook site.

Facebook request an app review be submitted via the URL given which will allow the information to be displayed again.

If this change has effected your site, there are two options to resolve going forward:

1. Follow the link given and submit the app review to Facebook

If you are choosing this option please submit a support ticket outlining your desire to do this:

(Please also provide a screenshot of the error in the component on your site if possible)

My technical support team will need to retrieve information from the server that you will need to include in the app review and we can co-ordinate this exchange in a ticket.


2. (Site must be version 8.2+) As an alternative to social feed, implement the newer iteration of this feature on your site; the Embed component

This allows Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds to be displayed as seen below (click to enlarge image)

These feeds are seperated out, whereas the social feed was an amalgamated view of Facebook and Twitter.

However you are able to configure and manage these yourself unlike the social feed component which has to be set up by us here at Claromentis.


Here are the Knowledge Base articles we have here on Discover that will show you how to set up your social media feeds using the Embed component:




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