Default Notification Method

There are two default notification method settings - one that is set in the configuration file (for only Claromentis support staff to change) and one that is set by users in their notification preferences.

This guide explains the difference.


The default method - in the configuration file

The only element this setting controls is which method is filled out when a new user is created, it does not prevent changes to the method themselves before creating or saving the user.

On a newly installed site, the default notification method for any new user created will be 'In system' only:


This means the administrator or user themselves will have to update the default to include email when creating the user if this is desired.

If you would like us to change the default notification method that is set when new users are created please raise a support ticket and we can assist.

e.g. we can update the configuration file default so that when your team create a new user the default notification method will be in system and email.



The default method - in the Intranet

1. Users can change the default notification method for their profile in the notification preferences area at any time.

2. Application administrators of People can change the default...

- At the point of manual user creation by editing the automatic choice from the configuration file and saving

- At any point on user profiles from Admin > People

- In bulk using a CSV import and the values below:

(1)  - Push
(2)  - In-System
(4)  - Immediate email
(8)  - Daily digest
(16) - Weekly digest
(32) - Monthly digest

Which can be combined for example to enable In system & Email = 6


3. Application administrators of Communication can reset the default for users/roles/groups using the specific facility to change notification preferences.


Created on 18 June 2024 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 19 June 2024

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