Configuring Web Push Notification with OneSignal

Please note this feature only available from Claromentis 8.6


OneSignal allows push notification from the Internal messaging within claromentis to be relayed to mobile devices or native notification within OS or compatible Browser (Chrome & Firefox).


OneSignal Account  - Sign Up Here

SSL enabled Claromentis URL  for example:

For push notification on your mobile, an updated Claromentis Mobile app (v2) is required.

Web Push

1. Once logged on to OneSignal create an app by clicking "add app" button.

2. Select Web Push and complete the form.

3. You will be asked to download SDK files and add code to your website, you can simply ignore this step below and click "Finish"

4. Still at OneSignal navigate to "Keys and IDs" from the top menu and make note of APP ID and REST API Key which you needs to enter in Claromentis.

5. Navigate to Claromentis  Admin / System / API keys and click on "Add a new integration"

API Name: onesignal

API Description: One Signal Push Notification

Entry Key: app_id

Entry Value: {paste the app ID from onesignal}

Entry Key: api_key

Entry Value: {paste REST API key from onesignal}



6. Test sending web push notification from onesignal

Created on 17 October 2018 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 21 February 2019

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