Requesting Custom Native Mobile App for iOS and Android

Why your company may need a Custom Native Mobile App?

Your company or organisation may need a dedicated app for the following reasons:

  • White-label - a dedicated app that reflects a company branding
  • Your organisation wish to deploy the app for your staff through  Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • The system is not available publicly and requires a custom way to connect such as VPN or by installing other apps.
  • Your system may require additional security or restriction.

Requirements for Native Mobile App

  • Final publicly accessible URL to your intranet with SSL (https://). Please note that the URL is embedded within a compiled version of the app and changing URL requires re-building and releasing a new version of the app.
  • Graphic for App Icon (min resolution 1536x1536 pixel in PNG format. Keep things simple and avoid having text unless it is part of the logo. read more
  • App name (keep it short ideally less than 12 characters if possible -  so that it fits without being truncated on mobile devices) 
  • App description 
  • Link to your privacy policy (if you wish your app to be published in Google Play)



How to request

Contact your Account Manager / Project Manager or 

Submit Change Request.


Publishing Mobile App

There are three ways you can publish and distribute your mobile apps to your users


1. Claromentis Enterprise Mobile Distribution

This is the ideal route if you have Enterprise MDM (Mobile Device Management) or do not wish to publish the app publicly in Apple Appstore or Google Play. Claromentis is acting as your Mobile Developer and Publisher. We will publish your app under our Enterprise Mobile Distribution and you are responsible for Internally Distribute the app.

Your app will be published on[app_name]

Unless your organisation has MDM (Mobile Device Management) Platform, installing .apk file via link require additional extra steps.


2. Your Company Enterprise Mobile Distribution

If your company has own Enterprise Mobile Distribution with Apple you can add us to your development team so that we can submit the app on behalf of your company. Claromentis is acting only as Mobile Developer.

Please add to your mobile development team



3. Public Apple AppStore and Google Play

This option means your app will be available for the general public.  Claromentis is the developer, publisher and the app distributor.
Should you take this option then you need to provide us with privacy policy link and the app will be published in the public app store. There will be lead time (1-2 weeks) as approval and often an example user account will be required to verify.

Native Android apps can be published via Google Play store while IOS apps will be published via Apple App Store

If your app intended only for the employee or internal member of the organisation, Apple Guideline prohibits to have the app to be published in AppStore. In this case, we will publish your app to our Enterprise Distribution or you can distribute within the organisation through MDM.
Guideline 3.2 - Business

We found that your app is an in-house app, intended for employees or members of your organization. 
As such, it is not appropriate for the App Store. 
For information on distributing proprietary, in-house apps, please refer to the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.
Created on 26 September 2019 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 2 April 2020

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