Behaviour: Automatic Changes/Dynamic Field Changes

Understanding Automatic Changes

Automatic changes, also known as Dynamic Field Changes, use triggers to change the value of a field on your form.
The most common usage is to automatically change the status of a form, when a trigger is fired.


Adding an Automatic Change

You will need to have setup your trigger first before the automatic change can be added.

Go to Admin > Infocapture > (your project) > Automatic Changes
N.B. If your software was installed or last upgraded before July 26th 2018 (Version 8.4), this will instead be called Dynamic Field Changes.

Select the field you wish to change automatically, and click Add rule for this field

You must now select the trigger that will decide when this change will be made. 
Next, choose what the value of the field needs to change to.

Click Add/Change rule to save.


I want the status of my form to change to 'Pending Manager Approval' if a newly submitted form has an amount greater than 1000 in a field called 'Cost'.

  1. Create a Field Condition Set that says that the field cost is greater than or equal to (=>) 1000.
  2. Create a trigger that looks for this change occurring, it should have these rules:
    a) New ticket submitted
    b) Condition set match in the NEW issue state: Amount greater than 1000
  3. Add a new automatic change for the field STATUS
  4. Choose the trigger I just created
  5. Set the new value to be 'Pending Manager Approval'


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Created on 8 August 2018 by Jon Mulhern. Last modified on 14 August 2018

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