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Web Responsive Design

Claromentis is designed by following responsive design principles, which means it will be automatically switch to accomodate different screen resolution ranging from mobile, tablet or desktop.

This allowing you to access Claromentis simply using browser provided on your mobile phones or tablet.

For a quick access you can add Claromentis to the Home Screen on Smartphone or Tablet by following this guide


Native Mobile App

In addition, publishing a native mobile is also available for iOS and Android platform with these added benefits:

  • Custom Branding
  • Dedicated app, which is separate from the browser tabs on mobile
  • Seamless user experience

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Requirements for Native Mobile App

  • Public accessible URL to your intranet with SSL (https://) is a must
  • Graphic for App Icon (min resolution 1536x1536 pixel in PNG format
  • App name (keep it short)
  • App description 
  • Link to your privacy policy (if you wish your app to be published in Google Play)


How to request

Contact your Account Manager / Project Manager or submit a change request.


Publishing Mobile App


Native android apps will be published via Google Play store


Appstore policy prohibit in-house app that are intended for employees or member of organisation to be published via App Store.
Claromentis has Enterprise Developer Program and your app will be published via dedicated URL such as:[app_name]


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Created on 5 January 2018 by Michael Christian

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