Multi-coloured headings in an Infocapture form


Colour is a great way to convey extra information and you may want to use coloured section headings in InfoCapture. 

The example below has certain titles to use for colours and hex codes already chosen, however, this is fully customisable.

Your team can use whichever titles and colour codes you need to suit your purpose, simply edit the code in use to reflect these.



1. From Admin > Infocapture, check out the form you wish to modify

2. Switch to the "Form styles" tab


3. Copy and paste the following stylesheet (edit the colour titles and codes to suit your chosen colours)

.pink .ic-section-title {
background-color: #F2DFEB
.skyblue .ic-section-title {
background-color: #AEDFF2
.aquablue .ic-section-title {
background-color: #72DBF2
.yellow .ic-section-title {
background-color: #F2C879
.sand .ic-section-title {
background-color: #F2D8A7




4. In the 'form details' tab edit a form section header and type the title for the colour you want this to be (e.g. 'pink') in the 'Style (CSS)' field.

5. Check in the form to apply all changes




Background colour vs font colour

Add in the extra line to the code for each colour as shown below to additionally be able to determine the text colour. 

.pink .ic-section-title { 
background-color: #F2DFEB;
color: #899499; 


Where in this example the text colour has been set to grey for the 'pink' part of the code.


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Created on 16 October 2015 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 November 2023

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