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Public News | 7 February 2013 by Mhairi Hutton


We have decided to make some changes to the way that your accounts are managed on the Discover Support Portal. Each person will now have their own login. Please read the full news story for information.

After receiving feedback from customers regarding the Discover Support Portal, we have decided to make some changes to the way that your accounts are managed. Currently, each customer has one account, which multiple people can log into. The problems found are as follows:

  • One person from the team forgets the password and contacts Claromentis Support. We are unable to reset the password because this will affect all people logging into that account. The person in question then needs to track down somebody from their team who knows the password.

  • People are selecting any available email address when submitting a ticket, even though it is not their own. They then do not receive email updates related to the ticket.

  • Personal information, e.g. contact telephone numbers, cannot be stored because all people share one account.

As such, we have decided that each person should have their own account (up to 5 accounts per customer). People will be able to see tickets submitted by other people within their team. Submitting tickets will be even easier, since the information, i.e. name and contact details, will be auto-populated based on who is logged in.

We are planning this change for week commencing 18th February. Please get in touch before then if you have any concerns about the changes. Each user will receive an email with their username and password once the change has taken place. Existing tickets will be reassigned to the correct people.




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