Version 7.1 Coming Soon!

Public News | 12 October 2012 by Mhairi Hutton claromentis 7.1


Claromentis version 7.1 is due for release soon. Read the full news article to find out about some of the new features..


The notifications system has been enhanced. Users will be able to opt to recieve daily, weekly or monthly digests. A summary list of recent messages will also available.


Best Bets

We are introducting Best Bets. Administrators can ensure that relevant documents are exposed to users and the inevitable erroneous search terms can be counteracted through suggestions of alternative spellings, words and phrases.

More info here


Social Profile

Users will now be able to integrate their Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Skype accounts within their user profiles.

More info here


User Pickers & Permissions

Single and multi user pickers will be seen in various locations across Claromentis, such as setting managers, changing object owners, assigning users to Group and Roles, etc. The ‘Permissions Picker’ provides an easy way to locate objects, i.e. Group, Role, Extranet Area and individual users, when configuring permissions. It is important that users are familiar with both types of ‘User Picker’ as well as the ‘Permissions Picker’, since they are common across Claromentis.

More info here


To request an upgrade to claromentis version 7.1, please submit a request here


With special thanks to the Core Team & Testing Team: Alan Jenkins, Alexander Polyanskikh, Edd Trent, Avantika Gosain and Vipaasha Sheel




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