New elearning course - The People Application!

Public News | 27 August 2020 by Millie Hand people, users, adding users


We have just launched the People Application elearning course. This course covers the various ways users can be added to the system and the configuration options that make managing users simple and effective.

In this course we cover:

1-  Adding users

  • Adding individual users
  • Adding via CSV
  • Adding via LDAP

2- Creating Roles & Groups

  • What are they and why are they helpful 
  • How are they made 

3- Navigating the front end of the People application

  • Searching for users 
  • Viewing profiles 

4- Navigating the back end of the People application

  • People configuration
  • User facing configuration options 
  • Admin facing configuration options 
  • Blocked users & account state 
  • Power users & password policy 

As always, this course is aimed at existing admins who may want to brush up their knowledge and new admins. We hope you find it helpful!




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