Clearing Site and Browser Cache

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  1. What is the cache?
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1. What is the cache?

When you visit a site for the first time, your computer stores certain data in its memory. This means if you visit the site frequently, your computer doesn’t need to reload all of the data from scratch, it can simply reveal the stored data from its cache.

This is good as it improves speed, but sometimes, if recent changes have been made to the site these don't immediately appear, as instead end users are seeing a cached image of the site.

Therefore if you ever make a change in the Intranet and this is not immediately evident after refreshing your page or logging out/into the Intranet, or if the formatting of a page, in general, appears strange, deleting the cache is the next troubleshooting step to eliminate it as a cause.

Clearing cache can be done at a site level (by a sysadmin) and per user through their browser.

In some cases, both the site and individual browser caches need to be cleared to resolve issues, which requires your administrator's involvement to clear the site cache and instruct end users to delete their browser cache.


2. How to clear the site cache

You will need to have system administrator access (be a 'sysadmin')

You can find out who these are by visiting Applications > Admin and clicking the key symbol in the top right of the system application:


If you have these permissions, you can follow these steps to clear the cache.

(If you don't, contact one of the users listed to carry this out on your behalf, or make you a sysadmin instead)

Next head to Applications > Admin > System > Labs and click Delete all Caches:


The system will process for a few seconds and a message on the screen will appear to confirm the cache was cleared.

After this message appears check the element that was affected before and see if it is now appearing as expected.

If not, consider deleting your browser cache too, and testing once more.

3. How to clear your browser cache

Once the system cache is cleared we recommend manually logging out of your intranet, clearing the browser cache, and then logging back in to test.

Manually log out of the Intranet (make sure any other tab with the Intranet open in it is closed)


Now clear your browser cache (which does not take place in Claromentis)

Here is how to do this through various popular browsers:



Select the time range that suits you, and what elements to clear.

This can be set up to remove everything but retain any Internet site passwords that were saved.

Once set up to your liking click 'clear data' to clear the cache.

Return to the Intranet, login, and test if your issue is now resolved.






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