Creating Buttons

What are Buttons?

Buttons are icons placed on Intranet Pages that open the custom URL destination entered against them when clicked.

They are useful for giving users quick access to external websites they use regularly or are important as well as internal Intranet links to applications or specific pages to aid navigation.

Create a blend of these types of Buttons and place them on Pages across the Intranet where they are best suited to give quick access to the users that need them.

Creating buttons

As an administrator, there are two ways to create buttons:

1 - In the Buttons application

2 - In the Buttons component (directly when editing a Page)


1 - Creating Buttons in the Buttons application

Make sure you have 'manage' Button permissions given to you by an Application Administrator of Buttons (or give yourself these permissions if you are already a Button application administrator)


- Navigate to Applications > Buttons

Any Button already created will be listed:


- Click on 'New Button':


- The fields below will appear for you to fill out:

  • Title: The name of the Button
  • URL: The address the Button will open when clicked (use the relative link for Intranet URLs and the absolute for anything external) 
  • Tooltip: (optional) Give more information about this Button and its purpose. This will appear the Button is hovered over
  • Icon: The image of the Button (choose a stock icon or upload your own image)
  • Icon & Title: Colours used for these elements of the Button
  • Tag: Relevant tags so it's searchable within the Button application
  • Permissions: Users who can see this Button (when it is placed on Intranet page)


- Click 'Save' to create the Button, and it will appear in the list and now be available to place on Pages.


2 - Creating Buttons on a Page

- Go to the page you wish to add a new Button to and click the pencil icon in the bottom-left corner of the page to go into edit mode.


If you do not see the pencil icon, you do not have edit rights required to do so.

Reach out internally to your Intranet management team so an Application Administrator of Pages can give you the correct edit permissions to follow the rest of the steps for your Page.


- Add a new Button component:


- In the component settings, click the arrow next to 'Add New Button' to expand its options, as here is where a new Button can be created:


- Enter the details for your Button:


Please note: Title: refers to the title of the overall component and the Button title is the name of the Button. (For a clean look do not use a Title, only the Buttons themselves will appear)


- Click 'Add button' to save and create the Button:


- It will now appear for selection in the component (so it appears on the Page) and be listed in the Buttons application:


Created on 7 May 2024 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 23 May 2024

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