Creating a New Badge


Create and award Badges to users to celebrate their achievements in the Intranet or externally.

1 - The admin side & badges permissions

Creation rights in badges are given on its admin side (Admin > Badges) by an Application Administrator

Permissions: 'Manage badges' (e.g. create badges, delete existing ones etc) and/or 'Assign badges' (e.g. award badges to users).

You can also configure assign permissions for managers to assign badges to their subordinates (as defined in the Org Chart tab on user profiles)

Export: From the admin side you can also export a list of all the badges and to whom they have been awarded.

Archive: Manage any archived badges, re-activating these if needed. Archived Badges will still show on user profiles for people awarded this before its status was changed.

2 - Creating badges

With the admin permissions set, begin creating Badges on the front end of the application.

Head to Applications > Badges.

Based permissions given the options to create and award Badges will appear at the top right-hand side of the screen.


Clicking the 'New Badge' button will open up a new window allowing you to provide (a) name, (b) description, and (c) design for the badge.

The background colour and icon of the badge can be selected.

Choose from a stick option for the Icon or upload your own image.

Select the 'Save' button to create the Badge.

Please note: If you are uploading your own image, it is strongly recommended you use a .png file with a transparent background.


3 - Awarding badges

Once created Badges can be awarded to individual users as a celebration of their achievements.

The 'Award' option is shown on the front end of Badges:


This will open a new pop-up where you can specify the user, the Badge they are receiving and why this badge has been awarded.

After this, press the 'Award' button, the user will be notified about this and the Badge will appear on the user's profile. 


Badges can also be awarded directly on user profiles rather than in the application.


Created on 16 April 2024 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 7 May 2024

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