Autoplay videos placed on an Intranet page

Use the embed component and the instructions below depending on how your video is currently accessible to ensure that once placed on a page the video will start playing automatically when the page loads.


- Your video is already hosted externally by a provider e.g. YouTube and is publicly accessible

1. Copy and paste the below into the embed component 'code' option:

<iframe width="420" height="315"

2. Edit the red section to include the URL of your video 

3. Edit the width value to 100% to make this responsive (if applicable)

4. Save the component and re-size it to fit your requirements

5. Publish the page to save all changes, the video should now autoplay without sound whenever the page loads.

Be advised Chrome actively blocks videos from auto-playing as this is commonly regarded as an inconvenience for users and is typically blocked by the browser.

If the majority of your users use Chrome, the video can be set to autoplay, but it must also be muted as previously mentioned. 

Users can turn on the sound if they want to as the video plays.

Chrome browser developers have implemented a security feature for externally-hosted videos which cannot be modified.

Please see the below method for a workaround that can be implemented to achieve autoplay with sound in Chrome.


- Video is on your local PC and requires uploading to the Intranet

1. Upload your video into the Documents application

2. Once uploaded in Documents, copy the title of the video and paste this at the end of the file location URL.

3. Next place a '/' between the end of the file URL and the file's name just pasted in.

4. Copy the whole updated URL and paste this in the 'video' option of the embed component.

5. Resize the component

6. Save the page, after this, the video will autoplay (with sound) each time the page is loaded

(This option is able to bypass the Chrome block on autoplay with sound)

Created on 14 September 2023 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 1 December 2023

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