Pages: Front-end overview

The article will provide a front-end overview of the Pages application.

We will cover the following areas:

For all available permissions & configuration options, make sure to read our Pages: Admin Overview.

Front-end of pages

Head to Application > Pages.


From the landing page, you will be able to view all existing Sites that you have permission to.

  • Site: Sites host intranet pages. They can be used to categorise pages by department, theme etc.


When visiting a Site, you will be presented will all Pages that are nested within.

  • Pages: Pages are customisable landing areas in the intranet. Each page is nested within a Site.



Site properties

  • View site: User(s) can view the homepage of the site
  • Edit site properties: User(s) can view & edit the site properties, including site title & permissions
  • Trashcan (Delete): User(s) can delete the Site (including all pages within).

Please note: Site deletion will also delete all pages nested within the site. Site & page deletions are not recoverable.


  • View page: User(s) can view the corresponding page nested within the Site
  • Edit page content: User(s) can be taken directly to page 'edit mode' to edit the page
  • Page properties: User(s) can view & edit the page properties, including page title & permissions
  • Create Page: User(s) can create a new page within the site
  • Create link: User(s) can create a new link within the site


Page properties

  • Page title: Name of the Page that will appear in the Pages application
  • Address: URL of the Page (this will automatically populate when the page title is provided)
  • Show Title: Page title will be visible when viewing the corresponding Page
  • Show Navigation: Navigation bar of lower-level pages will be visible when viewing the corresponding Page


  • View Page: User(s) can view the page
  • Add/Edit Page: User(s) can add pages to the Site and edit the page when visiting the corresponding Page 
  • View effective permissions: User(s) can view a list of permissions options users have in a single list
  • View list of Pages from this Site: User(s) can view the list of all existing Pages nested within the Site

Reminder: Please ensure only appropriate users have permission to Add/Edit Page. Users with this permission option will be able to use the pencil (Edit) icon when visiting the Page.



Creating a site & pages

With the correct permissions, you will see the option to create a Site.

Reminder: If you do not see the options, please check with your administrator that you have the permission needed to do so.



Adding a Site 

You can create a new Site by copying an existing one OR build one from scratch.


Adding a Page

Similar to a Site, you can create a page from an existing page OR build one from scratch.

For more information, please refer to our guide on Creating Pages.



Page components

Components refer to application widgets that can be added to your pages.

There are a variety of components to choose from. Each block represents a component that has been added to a Page.

For information on how to add Page components, check out our guide on Editing the Homepage.

For information on available components, check out our guide on Pages Component.

For more information on the Pages application, check out our webinar on Pages Q&A.


Created on 10 August 2023 by Veronica Kim. Last modified on 22 August 2023

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