Updating Menu Links

This article covers how to update the items or links within your menu bar. This may be because a new page has been created to replace an old one or because a new drop-down item is required.


The admin side & main menu permissions

1. Navigate to Admin > Menu Builder.

2. Assign user(s) permission to manage the Menu Builder from the front-end of the application:

Please note: Ensure only appropriate users have been granted permission as they will be able to add, edit, and delete the menu bar. Users with permissions will also be able to assign other users to manage the menu from the front-end of the application.


Updating the menu bar

1. From the front-end of the application, users with permission can head to Applications > Menu Builder.


2. Select the relevant menu from the list of existing menu options


3. Head to Edit menu items tab to find a full list of existing menu items


4. You can either select + Add menu item to add a new item. Or click an existing item to edit its properties

💡Tip: For the existing item you can use a relative URL for menu URLs


For more information on setting up the Main Menu, check out our guide here.


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Created on 22 June 2023 by Veronica Kim

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