Documents: Moving Files and Folders

The clipboard can be used to move files or folders to a new location in the directory.

Users must have the 'move/delete' permission for the option to move items to appear.

Moving folders/files from the admin side

1. Navigate to the level where the folders/files you wish to move are or expand the directory using the cross icons until you can see them

2. Check the boxes to the left of each folder

3. Add your selections to the clipboard by clicking on the clipboard icon that now appears

4. Your selections will now appear at the top of the screen

5. Navigate to the new location you wish to move the folders to in your directory (You must be inside the folder you wish to move them to - in this example we are in the 'Discussions' folder)

6. Click the 'move' button at the top of the screen and a green confirmation message will display 'pasted' to show the change was successful

PLEASE NOTE - If you wish to move your selected folder(s) to the root, ensure you do not manually navigate to a location (ignore step 5) and instead are at the root level when you click 'move'; the folders will be sent to the root as no formal location has been specified.




Moving folders/files from the front end

1. Tick the boxes to the left of all the folders/files you wish to move.

2. Click on the "Clipboard" Icon.

3. The "Clipboard" sub-menu will appear, select the "Move" icon.

4. A pop-up will appear asking you to select the folder's new location. A new window will be opened showing the whole directory, select your chosen new location.

5. The pop-up has auto-filled with the location selected in step 4. Click submit and a green "ok" will appear to confirm the folders have moved.

6. Now navigate to your chosen location and you will see the folders have moved there successfully. 



Created on 16 September 2022 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 November 2023

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