Use of Chrome 102 causes an issue in Claromentis Documents

What has happened?

Chrome 102 (released May 24, 2022) has introduced a variable that interferes with Claromentis.

The issue means the 'edit properties' function in Documents does not load correctly and cannot be changed from the front end of the application.

The page does not load as it should due to a javascript error that has been introduced, certain elements are also not available like version history:



What next?

Our developers are investigating a fix for this issue and we will provide this in an out-of-cycle bugfix release for all supported versions which are 8.10+.


***The bugfix releases are now available, if your site is affected please submit an upgrade request to resolve***




Workarounds for now

- Use a different browser to access the Intranet or when making front end changes to Documents

- Downgrade your Chrome browser and not use Chrome 102 until our fix is available

- Document application administrators can perform any changes users cannot currently make on the front end due to this issue on the administrative side instead (only until the fix is available)


Created on 1 June 2022 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 November 2023

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