Policy Manager Permissions

When setting up a new policy you will be presented with a Permission dialogue allowing you to have granular control on a policy.

  • View Policy: Viewing a policy only - users with only this permission aren't subject to a policy, they can simply view this policy from the "All Policies" Menu.
  • Target Distribution: users within target distribution must accept this policy when it reaches Distribution status.
  • Consultation: users who can approve a policy during "Consultation" status.
  • Ratification: users can approve a policy during "Ratification" status.
  • Edit Properties: users who can edit policy details and attributes including changing policy status and policy asset or content as well as creating a new version of the policy.
  • Edit Content: users can edit/update the content of the policy and create a new policy asset. (New policy asset does not mean a new policy version)


Tab Policy Details Comments Asset History Policy History Approval History Acceptance History
View Policy
Target Distribution
Edit Properties
Edit Content


Last modified on 1 December 2023 by Hannah Door
Created on 12 October 2021 by Michael Christian

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