Policy Manager Permissions

When setting up a new policy you will be presented with a Permission dialogue allowing you to have granular control on a policy.

  • View Policy: Viewing a policy only - users with only this permission aren't subject to a policy, they can simply view this policy from the "All Policies" Menu.
  • Target Distribution: users within target distribution must accept this policy when it reaches Distribution status.
  • Consultation: users who can approve a policy during "Consultation" status.
  • Ratification: users can approve a policy during "Ratification" status.
  • Edit Properties: users who can edit policy details and attributes including changing policy status and policy asset or content as well as creating a new version of the policy.
  • Edit Content: users can edit/update the content of the policy and create a new policy asset. (New policy asset does not mean a new policy version)


Tab Policy Details Comments Asset History Policy History Approval History Acceptance History
View Policy
Target Distribution
Edit Policy
Edit Policy Content


Last modified on 25 April 2024 by Hannah Door
Created on 12 October 2021 by Michael Christian

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