How to Report System Errors


When something goes wrong in Claromentis, a system error is given which contains vital information for us to investigate.

Reporting this alongside steps that led up to the error facilitate efficient investigations by our Customer Support team.

In some cases, there could be multiple system errors listed on your screen.

No matter how many are given, the top most error is always to most important and the one to report and provide Customer Support with.


There are two methods of reporting via our Bug Tracker and associated reference number or by providing the character string.

Regardless of the method of report, please submit an associated support ticket outlining your encounter.



Expand the top most system error by clicking the 'click here' part, which opens the reporting screen.


1. Bug Tracker

A text field is available to let us know what steps in the Intranet led up to the error.

e.g If you simply navigated to a user profile and encountered the error, the description could be something like 'Navigated to Admin > People > User profile and error popped up'

As much information as possible about what led to the error is integral in assisting customer support in replicating the error, so feel free to be descriptive!

Clicking the 'send error' button will log the error in our repository and display a reference number on your screen.

Notify us about the error in a support ticket, including the bug tracker reference number that was provided.

Customer support can check the repository logs and begin investigations straight away.



2. Error character string

In addition to filling out the report, the character string offered alongside a system error can be used for diagnosis.

This can be submitted in addition to the bug tracker, or independently in a support ticket.

Copy/paste the character string given into a support ticket and outline the steps that led to the error if you did not additionally fill out the bug tracker.

Customer Support are able to decode the character string you provide and begin investigations.


Not every issue in the Intranet will cause a system error.

If a system error is encountered, follow the steps above to report this and for any other issue you find, please submit a support ticket as standard :)




Created on 21 March 2021 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 5 May 2021

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