The Discuss Application

The discuss application is a great tool for team and company collaboration.

Admins can set up discussion topics which can be private to certain individuals, teams or even include the whole company.

Within discussions, thoughts, opinions and ideas can all be shared along with

  • Images
  • Links
  • Files
  • Events
  • Tasks

It is also possible to embed discussions on pages using the component. For example, you may want your 'General' discussion to live on the homepage of your site so that users can quickly see the latest comments and contribute with ease.

How do Discussions work?

As an admin navigating to Admin > Discuss, here is what you will see:

1 - Categories 

You can divide the discussions into various categories to help with structure and organisation in the long term, some example categories might be:

- Department discussions                                       - Products

- Company culture                                                  - Events

2 - Permissions

These relate to the permissions of the overall application, so who can:

--> Create a new discussion

--> Admin (edit discussions & posts) - please note: any user with this permission will be able to delete discussions. This permission can be left unchecked until something like this needs to happen to avoid accidental deletions. 

3 - Default permissions

When you create a new discussion, the 'Permissions' section of that discussion can be pre-filled with the default permissions defined here. If you have a number of users and specific configuration for permissions, this can really save time. 


The front end of the application

Here is a view of all the discussions, you can use the category filter on the left to only show discussions in that category. 


Creating a discussion

If you have permissions to create discussions you will see a green add discussion button, when clicked you will have the following options:

You may want to notify or subscribe users in this way to ensure they are aware they can contribute to the discussion.

Looking at the discussion itself you have the following areas:

On the left, certain elements of the discussion are filed here for ease of access. 

On the right you will see:

Events: A list of any related events, this does not relate to the Events application. 

Contributers: A list of everyone able to contribute to the discussion

Tags: Any tags used when creating the dicussion 


Discussion components

Here is an example of the 'General' discussion being viewed on the homepage:

Users can quickly see and respond to discussions when on the homepage. 

Additionally, it is possible to list all the discussions that users are part of here:


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