Discuss: Admin overview

We will give you an overview of the admin side of the Discuss application.

    Navigate to Admin > Discuss where the configuration is separated into three sections:

    The admin side & discuss permissions

    To access the admin panel of the Discuss application, you will need to be granted permission as a Discuss admin.

    As a Discuss application admin, you will be able to configure the areas covered in this guide.

    For more information on how to assign application admins, click here.


    The first section available is Categories

    You can divide the discussions into various categories to help with structure and organisation in the long term (i.e. Department discussions, Products, Company culture, and Events).


    As a Discuss admin, new categories can be created by selecting the + Add Category button:


    From here, you can type the name of the category and add the new category:



    The next section available is Permissions.

    These relate to the permissions of the overall application:

    • Create a new discussion: Users can create new discussion topics from the front-end of the application
    • Admin (edit discussions & posts): Users can manage (i.e. edit & delete) all existing discussion topics

    Please note: Any user with Admin permissions will be able to delete discussions. Deleted content cannot be restored.


    Default permissions

    The next section available is Default Permissions.

    When you create a new discussion, the Permissions section of that discussion can be pre-filled with the default permissions. 


    Created on 27 May 2020 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 November 2023

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