This article will guide you through each element of the Statistics Application available in Claromentis 8.9+

The statistics application gives analytical highlights of the sites main engagement metrics, these include

  • Log ins
  • Page views
  • Search requests
  • News views
  • Document views 
  • Knowledge base views

It can be found here:


1- The number of site visits in the defined time frame (this will include repeat visitors - unique visitors is listed just below)

2- The current defined time frame - here we have specified a month. When choosing a time frame - you are able to compare two different date ranges if desired - this will add a dotted line like so:

3- Here you can choose what the graph should show. 'Visits' is the number of different people who used the site

4- 'Page views' on the other hand, is the number of individual pages that have been viewed 

5- These tiles show helpful snapshot of data for the time frame selected.


The second half of this page shows the 4 core areas for statistics;

  • News
  • Documents
  • Knowledge Base
  • Pages

Clicking on any of the red headings, will reveal some further analytics on these applications like so: 

See how this information can feed into overall site engagement reporting here.

Last modified on 9 April 2020 by Hannah Door
Created on 17 March 2020 by Millie Hand

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