Intranet data and analytics

There are several options available on the site to extract and analyse data, this can be used to measure site engagment and content engagement, as well as specific application data.


This article will discuss the following tools available to help you achieve an overall picture of site engagment:

1) The Audit Application

2) The Statistics Application

3) Application specific reports

4) Google Analytics integration 

Depending on the exact data you need, we would reccomend using a combination of these options. 


1) The Audit Application 

This application is a log of all site history. With some CSV manipulation you can look into the number of views and downloads for certain articles and files. There is a full guide on this application here.

This data is in quite raw format so will require some data crunching to get the most from it. Its primary role is to provide a historical record of site actions, but it can be used for data analysis too. 


2) The Statistics Application 

The statistics application gives analytical highlights of the sites main engagement metrics, these include

- Log ins

- Page views

- Search requests

- News views

- Document views 

- Knowledge base views

With Knowledge base, Documents, News and Pages, the data you can see is much more granular - such as most popular articles. There is a full guide on this application here


3) Application specific reports 

Within certain applications you can pull specific reports relating to that content. Applications containing this feature include:

- Learning 

- Infocapture 

- Policy Manager 

- Documents 

- Holiday planner

- Quiz 

For more details on each of these, please see this article

4) Google Analytics integration 

If extensive analytics are required for your site, we would reccomend integrating Google analytics. There is a full article on this here.


Created on 17 March 2020 by Millie Hand. Last modified on 30 June 2020

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