Implementing Google Analytics


Using a combination of two core Claromentis applications, Analytics and Audit Logging, Administrators can monitor user activity and understand global trends.

The Analytics application enables organizations to understand, visualize and interpret data associated with intranet usage.

The Audit Logging application allows Administrators to track individual user activity and comes in useful when troubleshooting problems.

For more information, please refer to the Tracking User Activity Guide.


Google Analytics Tracking Code

Firstly, please ensure this option is viable by reviewing the information here. If the requirements detailed in the article are satisfied then you may proceed in implementing Google Analytics. You will need to start by creating a Google Analytics account for the Intranet, follow the instruction and get a copy of the tracking code.

Follow these steps for Claromentis 8.7+

Step 1: Get the Analytics Code

Sign in to Google Analytics and get analytics code  by following these steps:

Click Admin

Copy the Global Site Tag

In some systems you will need to navigate to Property > Data Streams > Add Stream > click on the Stream you created > Global Site Tag (gtag.js)

find out more on how to set up Google Analytics


Step 2: Paste the code to Claromentis

Navigate to Admin > System > Scripts

Step 3: Click Save

Done! after a few days check analytics in your Google Analytics account.


Follow these steps for Claromentis 8.0 - 8.6

1. Navigate to the Admin > Design Panel >  Edit master design 


2. Click on Advanced tab


3. Paste Google Analytics tracking code in "Custom Code"

4. Click Submit

5. Done! after a few days check analytics in your Google Analytics account.


Claromentis version 8.0 or older

For older version of Claromentis changes to the custom VI (visual interface) are required.

We strongly advise that you allow us to complete the implementation, as changes to the custom VI (visual interface) are required. However, you will find instructions below for completing this yourself, assuming you have access to the server on which the Intranet is hosted.

Copy and paste the tracking code between <head> and </head> in the following file for all custom VIs:

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