GDPR - List of sub-processors

We work with the following sub-processors, some of whom are based outside of the EEA. For each we have at the least signed a Data Protection Agreement directly with them but 1-3 also have signed up to the US Privacy Shield. These sub-processors are therefore deemed to have ‘adequate protection’ according to the GDPR article 45 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

(1) Google: Specifically the Google Cloud Platform. This is an IaaS platform that provides the resources we need in order to host the Claromentis SaaS platform. 
(2) SendGrid: This is a transactional email delivery service. SendGrid is used to deliver email when an email notification is sent from the Claromentis digital workplace. No email content is stored by this service, it will retain a log of the email address and subject for a maximum of 61 days.
(3). Basecamp: Basecamp is used for the initial project discussions and task management. Only the team involved with the project launch will use Basecamp. 
(4). OneSignal (Optional): Used to deliver push notifications, only enabled if requested by the client. 

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Created on 22 October 2019 by Michael Christian

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