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1 - Creating a new page

2 - Adding page components 


Creating a new Site

Navigate to Applications > Pages and select '+ Create New Site' (If you can't see this, ask your system administrator who can set you up permissions)

You will then have the choice to start from an existing site that you’ve already made. This is useful if you would like all department pages to have a similar template.

To build from scratch you'll need to enter the following information:

Site title - The name that will appear in the pages application

Address - How the URL will look

Homepage title - The title that will appear at the top of the page

Permissions - Add here the groups or individuals you would like to be able to view/edit or manage the site.

Cover - the image that shows in the pages application thumbnail of the page

Hit create site.

When you hit 'Create site' you will be taken to the new site's admin section. 

If you now navigate to 'View site', you will be taken to the blank canvas that is this new area. Click on the pencil in the bottom left of the page to begin adding in the components you would like to be displayed.

When you click the pencil icon, the page will go into edit mode, allowing you to begin adding in components. For a reminder of each component, have a look at this article:

You can fill in the webpage by simply clicking anwhere a grey + appears: 

Here are some examples of finished pages: 


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