What is 'My Team' in Holiday Planner & The 'Who's Out' Component

1- What is 'My Team'

The concept of 'My Team' in Holiday Planner can be represented in two ways:

1. Users with the same holiday group manager

If this option is selected, users with the same holiday planner group manager (only manager not substitute manager) will be able to see each other holidays or absence. 

Holiday planner manager is set in Zones & Group (see below)


2. Users with the same holiday group

If this option is selected, only users within the same holiday group can see each other holiday

What if I want everyone from a different group to see each other holiday?

Create a holiday planner group and put people who wish to share their holiday visibility with others. You don't need to specify managers for this group.

Here is an example where we have a system group containing all employees and turn it into a holiday group so that all employees can see each other holiday regardless of their holiday groups.

2 - The 'Who's Out' component 

The 'Who's Out' component is a handy tool which simply displays a list of who is out from the company/team that day and the following day. It pulls its data from the Holiday Planner tool, so you must be using this to track absence in order for this component to display data. 

Users will only be able to see holiday data in the component for users in the same team, this is explained above in the 'My team' definition. 

To begin using the component, simply edit the page you would like it to display on (by clicking the pencil icon bottom left). You have the following configuration options:

When complete, the tool should look something like this: 

Last modified on 9 June 2020 by Millie Hand
Created on 23 May 2019 by Michael Christian

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