How to use the HR tool from the front end


This article will go over how to access users HR information, and set various information up. 


Accessing the HR tool from the front end

From the people application you are able to select a user. If you have access to view that users HR records as set within the HR admin panel you will see the HR tool button as shown below. When clicking on this if you haven't recently logged into the HR tool or you have actively logged out you will be asked to re-submit your HR password. 


When taken into the HR tool you will be presented with the following tabs. 

Again depending on what permissions have been set you will be able to see and edit the details within these. 


The personal and contract tabs will have a pencil icon in the top right hand corner. You can select this and edit the following fields. 


For the Salery, Benefits and Documents tabs to will be given the option to add a 'New Pay or Term', 'New Benefit' or 'Add Document' respectively. You will then be presented with a pop over window to input the relevant information. 


Salery/New Pay or Term



Benefit/New benefit



Document/Add Document



Any time information is change this is then logged in the history tab, with the users and the information that has been changed. 



When you have done making any edits to a users HR profile you will be able to sign out from the HR tool by clicking the option in the top right hand corner. This will take you back to their profile page. 


For more information on the HR tool please take a loot at our other articles and if you have any further questions please submit a ticket here.

Created on 18 October 2018 by Mhairi Hutton. Last modified on 30 October 2018

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